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My Hope to Cope Services Rendered:


Stress:  Have the ability to achieve insurmountable and overwhelming situations in our lives. My Hope to Cope helps you to pull back on issues and look closer and deeper into the circumstances.


Grief: We grieve over several situations-our loved ones, our pets, our jobs, our marriages, our children. This sense of loss causes sorrow and sadness to our spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. My Hope to Cope have techniques in place to assist you in expressing and not suppressing emotions.


Marital: In our sessions of pre-marital and marital counseling you are given tools to gauge the true aspect of why get married? What do the two of you bring to the table? Is there just a physical attraction? Where are you with Christ? Is He the center of your being? Do both of you have clarity and insight with each other? How do you close the door on emotionally past hurt.  What is your financial worth? How do you feel about “his people” and how does he feel about "your people"?

Individual Therapy:  Each individual is given an assessment to determine if the Counselor/Counselee is a good fit and the Counselor can help you. The assessment will indicate what your controlled, inclusion and affection temperament consist of, how you are wired, what does your environment will or will not do to bring you tranquility on an everyday basis.


Group Therapy: In this setting Counselees share what they have learned or will learn to better their environment. How to communicate with people who do not live in your environment yet have a concern for others. The entire objective is to use your life brush and paint your canvas with positivity.


Pastoral Counseling: Afford Pastors and Leaders the opportunity to release and share personal and church related challenges. Statistics state a high percentage of Pastors are depressed, commit suicide and do not have mentors or someone other than their spouse to confide in. Your Hope to Cope give Pastors and Leaders the Spiritual Guidance and mechanisms needed to live stress free, knowing GOD is the Final Authority.

It is a proven fact…

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care….WE CARE  

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