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Educated in the Public Schools of Savannah Georgia

Alumna of Spelman College

Alumna of Truth Bible College

           --Licensed Board Certified Doctorate Degree

           --Masters in Christian Counseling

           --CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) Certified

Certified in Stress, Depression, Grief Counseling

Certified in Pastoral Counseling

Certified in Temperament Therapy

Certified Counselor in Anger Management, Adolescence, Individual, Group, Marriage, Demise

Certified as a Duval County Marital Counselor  

Affiliated with the Learn to Read Association

Taught at PACE (Practical Academic Cultural Environment) School for at-risk girls

Counselor and Member of Impact Church -  Savannah Georgia

Retired Flight Attendant – 16 years

Married 32 years

One daughter -  married

One grandchild

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