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Our Temperament tell who we are, how we interpret things, what our spiritual, intellectual and mental state consist of how we are wired, how we develop our mores and values and use them in our environment. We are who God created us to be. We all have issues, baggage, values we bring into any type of relationships. Yet we can learn how to adjust and co-exist in God’s great earth. Your Hope to Cope helps you unravel circumstances, life challenges assisting you to be the best you can be.

Acknowledging who you are, discovering your temperaments give you an edge on dealing with life challenges and help you to understand why you do the things you do. No temperament takes precedence over the other, it’s the way we were knitted in our mother’s womb.


Do you know your temperament?  Here are some temperaments for you to determine which of these comes close to your personality:

Melancholy:  Studies indicate 80% of Melancholy Temperaments/Personality are borderline genius! They are introverts, love being alone to replenish and having quiet time, very family oriented, self-motivated, loyal and have a high level of intellect, perfectionist, great business leaders.


Choleric: Make some of the Greatest Leaders, naturally selective extroverts, perform task quickly and efficiently, have challenges with anger management, very independent, needs to be acknowledge for their accomplishments, true motivator, have a brilliant mind and can be controlling.


Sanguine: Extremely optimistic, motivated by reward attention and acceptance, very relationship oriented, usually the “social butterfly”, extremely self-sacrificing, open and personable


Supine:  Very stable minded, quiet, gentle spirit, go with the flow, need to be taken care of, have a servant heart and a gentle spirit, must have boundaries set.

Phlegmatic:  Self contained, calm easy going, cool, complacent, content with life, extremely discliplined, hates conflict, slow paced individual, has an optimistic look on life, must have peace and tranquility at all cost, maintains a balance at work, very conscious of their diet must have rest and relaxation


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