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  Hope To Cope 

 Our Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Break Of Dawn 

My Hope to Cope Specializes In Several Counseling Needs

My Hope to Cope was created to give strength to the down-hearted, encouragement in times of need and a listening ear to those to share their hurts, anxieties, frustrations, help for a wayward child, cares for teenagers and young adults, unity and understanding for a marriage and loss of a loved one. We are  here to help build up self-esteem and direct you to your God-given purpose.

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Even though many feel that counseling can do nothing for you, some have experienced the great rewards counseling can provide for them. These reasons are why people often times continue to go to counseling and sometimes make it a weekly event in their calendar.

Even though there are many negative things that we encounter throughout our lives, and things hit us when we least expect it, always remember that life is beautiful and something positive can come out of every situation.



For any counseling inquiries, please contact Dr. Deborah Heyward:

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